I Got This Link Sent In A Twitter Direct Message by @CaptureItNow aka @connectwithjeff and…

At first I was like: WOO FREE MONEY!       Then clicked to watch the video and I was like:   SPAMMER SCUM!       The little message by the REALLY ORIGINAL "no spam" sign says: We Hate SPAM! We won't share your email address with anyone! Opt-out at ANYTIME!   So, erm, … Continue reading I Got This Link Sent In A Twitter Direct Message by @CaptureItNow aka @connectwithjeff and…

Biz Offer – Email Scam

This is the second rubbish email scam in one day!  This one is actually pretty well written.  I'm actually quite impressed.---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Jeremy Beckwith <JeremyBeckwith@aol.com> Date: 2009/2/15Subject: Biz OfferTo: Super Hero Lee Hello, I am Mr. Jeremy Beckwith a banker in United Kingdom and I have a proposal  to discuss about a certain … Continue reading Biz Offer – Email Scam

Charity Project Proposal – Email Scam

Haven't seen this one before but it is just as obviously stupid as all the rest.---------- Forwarded message ----------From: James Blanchard <blanchard.5@wright.edu> Date: 2009/2/15Subject: Charity Project ProposalTo: Mr. Lee Stacey - King of the World and blogger supremeGood day,My intention of contacting you is to solicit your assistance in a Project, Though I know my … Continue reading Charity Project Proposal – Email Scam

Life Changing App Combo

Need to create a Vlog about how the following combination has changed my life: Google GearsGoogle AppsRemember The MilkGoogle Reader@pilchardmusic me on Twitter if you happen to read this and agree/disagree.Ta Luvvies.